Created in 1885, the Vim brand (originally introduced as Sunlight) is still innovating and using the magic of natural ingredient like Lemon to create unbeatable results over a hundred years later.

A remarkable history

William Hesketh Lever was determined to revolutionize Victorian England's standards of cleanliness and hygiene: so he created Vim Soap (introduced as Sunlight).

His revolutionary product was the first one ever created by the company that is now Unilever, and today's hand dishwashing products build on this illustrious heritage.

Vim has been the household name for Dishwashing in Sri Lanka for over 15 years and continues to follow its rich global history in revolutionizing the chore of dishwashing to make it convenient.

The power of nature

Whereas other products are only just beginning to realize the importance and power of natural ingredients, Vim's use of the power of lemons to provide its unbeatable degreasing power is well-established. We also use other natural products, such as lime and vinegar to maximize the results, and minimize the number of chemicals in our products and in the environment.

Key Facts

  • Vim was the original hand dishwashing brand: Thus inventing the whole category!

  • Vim is sold in four continents, is the leading hand dishwashing brand in twenty countries, and is available to more than 2 billion people around the world.

  • Vim began life as a soap (both in England, and in Thailand, where King Rama V asked Unilever to supply his household with soap), but is now available as a complete range of hand dishwashing – including bars, powders and liquids

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