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Dove's promise

Dove started its life in 1957 as a beauty bar that was clinically proven to be milder than other leading bars. This promise remains at the heart of the brand today, supported by one of the industry's longest running medical programmes.

Advancing skin care science

Dove self-esteem legacy two women having a conversation

Unilever skin scientists are leading experts in understanding how the stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin) works and what is needed for skin to look at its best. Through Dove's medical programme, they share learnings and collaborate on clinical research with respected dermatology specialists in the medical community.

The aim is to keep advancing understanding of dermatological care, and to ensure that Dove products are underpinned by the latest skin care science and insights into dermatological patient needs. Learnings from conferences, and feedback from external dermatologists involved with our medical programme helps guide our development of new technology to meet identified skincare needs.

Underpinning technical innovation

One recent innovation to benefit is Dove Moisturizing Body Wash in the US, which was launched especially for people who like to use liquid body washes in the shower. We know hot showers and harsh soap products can deplete moisture levels, exacerbating dry skin problems – and 50% of women claim to have dry skin. So Dove Moisturizing Body Wash in the US was formulated with high levels of emollients, to combat moisture loss and help maintain a healthy skin barrier while showering.

Establishing our scientific authority

Through the medical programme, our scientists share insights into the technologies behind this and other Dove products with external professionals. In addition, over the years, Dove's strong scientific foundation has been established in 100s of articles in medical literature contributed by Unilever scientists on skin barrier research.

As a result, our Dove skincare products have the highest credibility in the dermatology community.

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