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Our leadership

Science and technology has been the backbone of Unilever's brands for well over 100 years.

Distinctive new products

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Our mission – to develop brands that help people look good, feel good and get more out of life – is founded on the expertise of our scientists and technologists who find innovative solutions to current and future consumer needs, and deliver these through our portfolio of branded goods.

Our track record is second to none, and our philosophy of using leading-edge R&D to drive world-class innovation can be seen at every stage in our history, from the development of vitamin-enriched margarine during the depression of the 1930s to the launch last year of toothpaste containing optical-effect technology which instantly makes teeth appear whiter.

Unique expertise

We have always focussed on attracting the very best scientists and technologists to work with us, and today we have an integrated global R&D organisation that numbers more than 6,000. In addition, our commitment to open innovation means that we collaborate with many more R&D experts and institutions all over the world. Each year we spend around €1bn on R&D, and we typically file between 250 and 350 new patent applications annually.

Unilever's R&D expertise is uniquely rich, as it spans the breadth of Foods and Home & Personal Care innovations. In the years ahead we will continue to draw on this unique expertise to develop big innovations that add vitality to the lives of consumers all around the world whilst continuing our research into the next generation of consumer goods. The best is yet to come!

Professor Geneviève Berger

Chief Research & Development Officer

Vindi Banga

President Foods, Home & Personal Care

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