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A man with dandruff free hair and Clear portfolio

In a world where it is almost too easy to blend in and go with the flow, Clear wants to empower men & women to stand out from the crowd. At Clear, we know that this is only possible when you have complete confidence in your individuality. And that is why our formulations are designed to give you unbeatable anti-dandruff performance.

We, at Clear, understand that men’s scalps are different from that of women. Seeing the need for a customised solution, we created the world's first dual gender anti dandruff shampoo with Clear.

Clear has one goal in mind; to provide the most effective dandruff solutions to our consumers. Since then, we've never looked back and have set off to take the world by storm. Unlike many other shampoos which only wash dandruff away, Clear shampoos are engineered to not only remove dandruff flakes, but also boost your scalp's natural self-defense, ending recurring dandruff concerns.

Clear's revolutionary Triple Anti Dandruff Technology is a ground-breaking technology that combines scalp care & skin care. It is enriched with upgraded Guar BB18 to enhance the distribution of anti dandruff protection on the scalp barrier, vitamin B3 to boost your scalp's natural defense, as well as Amino Acid to keep your scalp moisturised and healthy.

Unveil a stronger scalp defense with Clear!

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