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Glow & Lovely

Fair & Lovely is now Glow & Lovely

Glow & Lovely Logo
Glow and Lovely relaunched with a new soft feel formula for a natural glow

Glow & Lovely is based on pioneering technology that has made multiple skin care benefits available to consumers at an affordable price.

At Glow & Lovely, our purpose is to inspire women to create their own identity which is supported by initiatives like Glow & Lovely Careers that offers women education, skills training and career guidance.

Glow & Lovely has been progressively changing its formulation, and includes vitamins like B6, C & E and allantoin which are known to protect skin from external aggressors, UV rays and environmental pollution. Glow & Lovely is designed to improve the skin barrier function, improve skin firmness and smoothen skin texture - all which holistically help enhance radiance and glow.

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