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The restoration power of Vaseline

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By 1870, Vaseline was helping people achieve healthy skin. Still, over 150 years later, Vaseline helps keep skin feel amazing.

In 1859, Robert Chesebrough, a chemist from New York, visited the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania in the United States to research what new materials could be obtained from fuel. Over the next decade, he perfected the formulation of Vaseline petroleum jelly before opening for business in 1870. Vaseline quickly became known for its ability to protect and restore dry and damaged skin, and over the next century, it established itself as a skin product found in households around the world.

For over 150 years, Vaseline has been passionate about restoring all types of skin - from every day to the toughest conditions. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin that keeps up with the demands of life. We strive to give everyone healthy skin to live without limits. In Sri Lanka, our communities have embraced Vaseline as an adult moisturiser to keep skin restored and moisturised.

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