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Tasty vegetables

Struggling to get your five-a-day, but just can't face another portion of limp, dull boiled vegetables? If so, don't fret – there are plenty of ways you can cook fresh ingredients, while adding some life to your plate.

Boiled, steamed or fried

vegetables and speaghetti

Steaming or stir-frying, for instance, will both preserve the wonderful flavours, aromas and colours of your ingredients, while locking in their essential nutrients. And the best part is, it’s quick and easy.

To make the perfect stir-fry, ideally you need a wok – the round bottom of the pan makes sure the ingredients remain in the centre, where the heat is most intense. Using this method, you should be able to cook almost anything in five minutes.

When stir-frying, speed is essential. The oil should reach a high enough heat for the ingredients to cook quickly. And because of the heat, use a generous amount of vegetable or corn oil; three to five tablespoons is recommended.

Wash and prepare all your ingredients first, while the pan is heating. Then, add in any spices – garlic or chillies for example – then your vegetables. Onions, carrots, peppers, mange tout, bean sprouts and baby sweetcorn are ideal. To season, Knorr Vegetable Stock Granules are the perfect way to accentuate the flavours of your stir-fry. As soon as the vegetables are cooked, serve them while hot.

Steam power

Steaming is even simpler, and a great way to preserve the crispy texture of your veg. First, using a traditional steamer, bring the water to a boil over a high heat. Then, close the steamer for one minute to raise its internal temperature. Next, add your veggies – such as asparagus, broccoli, green beans and cauliflower – keeping them in separate groups, as they all cook at different times. After a minute and a half, check the vegetables with a knife, and remove them once they’re cooked.

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