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For a new look that lasts longer

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Comfort Morning Fresh Fabric Conditioner and a clean yellow t shirt

Remember the joy of wearing a new outfit for the first time? Repeated washing with detergents alone can tangle the fibres of your clothes, making them rough, dull and lifeless. Treating your clothes with Comfort helps protect your clothes from laundry problems.

In the washing process, detergent alone is not enough. Comfort is a small step that comes after washing, that coats each fibre with a protective layer which prevents damage caused by repeated washing.

Comfort adds life to clothes with each wash, giving you the enhancement you need. We want your clothes to look as amazing as you feel and help keep your clothes looking newer for longer.

Comfort offers many benefits including a fresh fragrance, protecting texture, perfect fit, shining clothes and retaining softness. Comfort is available in Morning Fresh, Lily Fresh and Antibacterial variants.

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