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Safer than boiled water

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Pureit is a revolutionary water purifier with multistage purification, for cleaner and healthier water that is ‘safer than boiled water’.

Pureit brings to Sri Lanka a new concept of water purification. Combining high technology with affordability, Pureit removes 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and parasites from water and reduces contaminants such as heavy metals and pharmaceuticals.

Pureit works with a breakthrough 'Programmed Germkill Technology'. It has an advanced multi-stage purification process which gives you water that's completely free from harmful germs.

  1. SEDIMENT FILTER - Removes visible dirt
  2. GERMKILL PROCESSOR™ - Uses 'Programmed Germkill Technology' to target and remove harmful viruses and bacteria
  3. MICROFIBER MESH - Removes precipitated metallic impurities
  4. CARBON POLISHER - Removes harmful parasites, pesticides and chlorine. Gives you clear, odourless and natural tasting water
  5. MICROCHARGED MEMBRANE - Purifies the water again and removes harmful parasites, giving the assurance of double protection

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