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Strengthening bonds with care

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Sunlight has been an icon in Sri Lanka for over 135 years, with its promise of a thorough clean and well-known fragrance you can trust. Sunlight has won the hearts and minds of millions of Sri Lankans through its superior products and is the market leader in the laundry category.

Launched in late Victorian England, Sunlight was one of Unilever’s first products and the world’s first packaged & branded soap. Unilever founder, William Hesketh Lever, first sold Sunlight Soap in the UK in 1885 at a time when the country was suffering from high levels of poverty and ill-health. He made it his mission to revolutionise hygiene, bringing it within the reach of ordinary people. 120 years later, Sunlight is still found around the world and is used to clean dishes, clothes and skin. Sunlight is available in many countries including Belgium, Turkey and South Africa.

Since its launch in Sri Lanka 135 years ago, Sunlight has been keeping clothes clean, bright and fragrant; thus, enabling people to go about their day-to-day life with clothes feeling fresh and vibrant. Today, Sunlight offers consumers a range of laundry soaps, powders and liquids.

After the launch of Sunlight Care in 2019, the brand has gone beyond the functional space of giving communities a fresh clean wash and has become the nations’ household icon, known for caring that goes beyond clothes. This is because, strengthening the bonds between our vibrant and multi-ethnic society is at the heart of everything we do. Irrespective of race, religion, class, colour or caste, our mission is simple; to celebrate the diversity of our communities and help unite all Sri Lankans as one by strengthening the bonds that form Sri Lanka.

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