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Removes the toughest stains and grease marks with a refreshing lime fragrance

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A bowl of Vim liquid

Vim is the market leader in the dishwash category in Sri Lanka and the most purchased dishwash brand in the country. This household brand offers a range of dishwash products to the market including dishwash bars, liquids and powder. Vim was also recently ranked as one of the top 50 most loved brands in Sri Lanka in LMD’s Brands Annual Ranking in 2022.

Vim has not just been a leader in the dishwash category in Sri Lanka but also a pioneer in innovations that solves everyday problems faced by consumers when washing dishes.

Our Vim bar* removes the toughest stains and gives a pleasant cleaning experience with its refreshing lime fragrance.

Our Vim liquid turbo de-greasing formula with real lime juice, generates good lather and washes many dishes. It is suitable for all kitchen utensils and creates a pleasant washing experience, leaving no residue.


Vim Bar (100g) power = Power of 100 limes

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