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Lakme is an ally to every woman and inspires her to express her unique beauty and sensuality, enabling her to realize the true potency of her beauty.

Contemporary beauty expert, Lakmé has over 50 years’ experience in creating mesmerizing beauty. Unilever introduces Lakmé to the Sri Lankan consumer through its ‘Lakmé Fruit Blast Facewash’ products. Drenched with crushed fruits and packed with vitamins and antioxidants, ‘Lakmé Fruit Blast Facewash’ deep cleans the skin leaving it rehydrated, refreshed, and soft and delicately perfumed with fragrance of the fruit variant.

Key facts

With specialized variants, ‘Lakmé Fruit Blast Facewash’ is unique in its creation and specially formulated to be suitable for different skin types and conditions.

Lakmé Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash filled with juicy strawberry extracts, deep cleans every pore of the skin. With its ever so gentle micro-beads scrubbing away impurities, this facewash gently exfoliate and tones skin making pores smaller and the face looking brighter.

Lakmé Fruit Blast Melon Melt Quench Facewash is filled with Watermelon and Muskmelon extract to quench and calm skin.

Lakmé Fruit Blast Honey Glow Hydrating Facewash, infused with Avocado and Honey, rinses away dull skin and replenishes skin’s natural moisture.

Lakmé Fruit Blast Citrus Rain Detox Facewash filled with Mandarin extracts and Vitamin C to help detoxify skin.

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