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Lifebuoy save lives

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Lifebuoy Soap

Lifebuoy save lives and helps moms ensure their kids fall ill a little less often.

It all started in 1894 when William Lever invented a product to offer much needed affordable hygiene and protection in Victorian England.

Lifebuoy was the world’s first health soap. From its launch, Lifebuoy was more than just a soap; it became a daily essential - a ‘life saving’ product, offering hygiene and protection from diseases for the whole family. Lever chose the name “Lifebuoy” due to its life-saving associations.

Lifebuoy has one of the proudest histories of any brand in the world. It has, at its core, a liberating brand vision: to make people around the world feel safe and secure by meeting all their personal care health and hygiene needs.

The Lifebuoy vision defines a bigger purpose to inspire, motivate, and change lives. As a result, the Lifebuoy brand has always educated people on hygiene and promoted the benefits of handwashing with soap, committing to the mantra of ‘doing well by doing good'.

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