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My beauty, my strength

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Lux Soap

Inspiring women to rise above everyday judgements and express their beauty, unapologetically.

Lux is a beauty soap brand that has been embraced and adored by Sri Lanka's iconic celebrities over the years and is established as the "Brand of the Stars". Lux has helped empower Sri Lankan women by delivering a luxurious bathing experience rich in fine fragrances and skin benefits.

Our Lux portfolio offers a wide range of beauty products across categories such as bars, body washes and hand washes. We offer our consumers high-quality beauty soaps with fine fragrances created by the world's top perfumers with skin-friendly formulations and textures to offer glowing skin.

Our Mission: Every woman is beautiful, and their beauty is enhanced by self-confidence and strength. Therefore, Lux offers the opportunity for women, to conquer all judgments and embrace themselves with confidence, that empowers them to unveil an even more beautiful version of themselves.

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