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Pediatrician tested care

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Pears is giving pediatrician tested care for a baby hence the baby is resting comfortably

Pears has been an ally to Sri Lankan mothers for over 60 years. Today, we continue this journey by providing moms the highest level of assurance they seek for their babies' skin.

Pears was Sri Lanka's first local baby toiletries brand. For over 60 years, we have helped generations of Sri Lankan babies grow up with soft and nourished skin. We have been an integral part of baby care in Sri Lanka, working across the last 25 years to help improve the infrastructure of baby health care and maternal health care in the country, totaling an investment of LRK 60 Mn+.

Pears offers a wide array of baby products across multiple categories, such as soap, cream, cologne, oil, shampoo and body wash. All our products are manufactured in Sri Lanka as per the highest standards and we pride ourselves in ensuring that our products carry the highest level of assurance for mothers.

Our mission: Pears aims to ensure that international paediatrician tested level of care is accessible for every Sri Lankan baby. We know by working with mothers across the country that, this is the highest level of expertise assurance sought by them. This is why we have worked with an International Clinical Research Organisation to ensure that our core range of soaps and creams are paediatrician tested. Furthermore, we have projects, activations and media engagements working towards ensuring that this mission is achieved, thereby continuing to help uplift baby care standards in Sri Lanka.

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