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Lifebuoy Hand Hygiene Programme

Protecting against germs and bacteria since the 19th Century

Since its inception, Lifebuoy hasn't just been a bar of soap but a daily essential, providing much-needed protection from germs and diseases in every household around the world.The Lifebuoy vision defines a bigger purpose to inspire, motivate, and change lives. As a result, Lifebuoy has always educated and promoted the benefits of good personal hygiene.Over the last 125 years of its existence, Lifebuoy has grown into a prominent brand by improving its products through various innovations and growing its portfolio into areas such as soaps, handwash, body wash, shampoos and sanitizer.

The COVID-19 pandemic:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we played a significant role in providing protection against the virus by launching various community service projects such as developing handwashing stations around various public spaces island-wide and provisioning many grants to contribute towards tackling the pandemic. ‘H for Handwashing’ is one such project that kicked off in 2020 globally, to promote the importance of good hand hygiene in society. In 2020 and 2021, Lifebuoy used its online platforms to educate the public about COVID-19 and how it can help keep them and their families safe. Lifebuoy also conducted an online session as part of its “H for Handwashing” programme via YouTube to instruct kids and their parents on the importance of proper hand hygiene and the correct steps of washing hands, in order to prevent them from contracting various diseases including COVID-19. The programme amassed a significant following, from around the world which broke the Guinness World Record for ‘The Most Number of Viewers for a Hand Hygiene Lesson on YouTube’.

Rico Hizon, CNN Anchor and broadcast journalist, at Lifebuoy’s online H for Handwashing Programme 2021
Rico Hizon, CNN Anchor and broadcast journalist, at Lifebuoy’s online H for Handwashing Programme 2021

Today and way forward:

In 2022, Lifebuoy partnered with the Sri Lanka Scout Association to conduct their H for Handwashing CEO (Chief Education Officer) project, which focused on promoting hand hygiene among young leaders in the country to become an ambassador for Lifebuoy and spread the message of healthy handwashing habits among their families and peers. The physical event was held at St. Thomas College Mt. Lavinia with the participation of ~700 students and over 11,000 students joining online from across the country. Furthermore, a total of nine schools from across Sri Lanka were selected and offered a grant of Rs. 100,000 each to set up their own handwashing stations within their school premises, under the leadership of the Handwashing CEOs.

Let’s build a healthier, happier nation

Lifebuoy continues to strive towards creating a healthier and happier nation fueled by proper handwashing and hygiene habits. Our goal is to make way for a better tomorrow while continuously improving the health and safety of Sri Lankans, today.

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