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How our cleaning brands are helping people cope with Covid-19


From cleaning doorknobs to disinfecting museums, keeping kids entertained indoors to ensuring Uber users are protected while out-and-about, we’re using our scale to help people stay safe and adapt to the new normal.

Three cleaners wearing protective clothing and carrying Lysoform spray backpacks in one of Italy’s main museums.

With hundreds of millions of people around the globe in lockdown or tentatively getting back to a ‘new normal’, household care and laundry products are in high demand. Cleaning and disinfecting our homes and clothes has jumped in priority as we look to protect ourselves and our families.

People have more than doubled how often they clean, with 86% changing the way they clean their homes and 66% changing the way they wash their clothes.

They are also looking for more help and advice, particularly online. There has been a 40% increase in traffic to the Cleanipedia website, which gives cleaning tips and advice on how to clean your house.

Unilever has some of the world’s most recognisable – and effective – bleach, surface cleaner and laundry detergent brands. Household names like Domestos, Cif and OMO.

And since our products are used every day by over a billion consumers in 190 countries, we’re using that scale and reach to help people not only get access to the products they need, but also allay their concerns when it comes to the rights and wrongs of cleaning protection.

“The pandemic has been a reminder to the world just how important hygiene is and, as a business, we were founded on the mission to make hygiene commonplace,” says Peter ter Kulve, President of our Home Care division.

“Our brands, suppliers and partners around the world have been working at a record pace to ensure we not only provide essential products to people, but that we add benefit to their lives too. From public awareness campaigns, to launching new antibacterial ranges, to helping the most vulnerable, our brands have shown the true power when we all come together.”

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