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Youth Power Hacks: shaping global solutions with young people


With eyes on the Global Goals, it’s time to welcome a new set of problem solvers – the world’s future leaders

Youth Power Hacks: shaping global solutions with young people

Five years ago, the UN laid out a compelling vision for the future. The Global Goals present a framework for a cleaner, fairer, more inclusive world for all.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, momentum towards this vision has slowed. Indeed, the knock-on effects of the pandemic have seen progress in certain areas stall altogether or even go into reverse.

Yet, the promise of the Global Goals for a brighter future still very much stands. And at Unilever, we remain more committed than ever to seeing it realised.

Youth power

The Global Goals’ target date of 2030 is inching ever closer. With each passing day, the stakes – for both society and the planet – get higher.

Who can help us? Young people. More than half the global population is under 30. That’s an immense pool of creativity and imagination.

It’s not just that the world’s youth have more passion for change than anyone else. They could be said to have more of a motivation to see change happen. After all, actions taken today will shape the lives they live tomorrow.

Hacking for solutions

Enter the Youth Power Hacks. Held in six countries over three months, this global online initiative will see hundreds of young hackers use their ingenuity, on their terms, to create their own solutions.

Unilever is joining with two inspiring civil society organisations – Project Everyone and Restless Development – to make it happen. Linking all three of us is a shared desire for the solutions of participating hackers to deliver tangible impacts for their home communities.

2021: a year of action

The multi-country hackathon has the Global Goals as its compass and youth power as its driving force, says Inés Yábar, Restless Development’s Senior Global Campaigns Coordinator:

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