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Shake up your every day routine with these laundry tips from Surf.

Time-saving hints

Black dog in a laundry basket
  • Have you ever finished a load of laundry to find all your clothes have turned pink because of a pair of red socks? To find out if something will run, dampen a small area of the fabric and place a piece of white fabric on top. Iron it dry to see if the red colour runs through.
  • The first time you wash a coloured garment, soak it in water and salt for several minutes. This will help prevent the colour from running.
  • Have you spilt oil on something? Put some talcum powder on the spot. Still there? Try ironing the stain out by placing a piece of tissue paper on it.
  • Fruit juice stains can be easily taken off with a little bit of lime juice.
  • Rust spots on your clothes? Mix a little lemon juice and lukewarm water and apply a little on the stain. Be careful though because it can bleach colours out.
  • Got nail varnish on your clothes? Pour a little nail varnish remover onto the stain. Not too much as it can bleach colours out.