Pears helps new mothers

Builds lactation management centers to address child nutrition.

Mother kisses newborn baby

Pears has been at the forefront of baby toiletries market in Sri Lanka for over half a century winning the hearts and minds of several generations of mothers as a brand trusted for its superior quality, range and complete safety.

“Pears Safe Hands” is an initiative that aims to improve facilities at maternity, neonatal and pediatric wards at government hospitals. The main intention behind the project is to create a safer and healthier environment for infants, children and pregnant mothers, particularly those from low income families. 25 cents from every sale of Pears products goes into funding the Pears Safe Hands project. Pears and Sri Lanka College of Pediatricians (SLCOP) collaborate in selecting the most deserving hospitals for the project.

Addressing child nutrition

In 2012, the SLCOP identified improving child nutrition as a key objective, and Pears collaborated with the institute in order to support them on this initiative. Together, they identified a key issue with neonatal nutrition is that new mothers are not adequately prepared to breastfeed their children. In order to rectify this situation, Pears supported the SLCOP to build lactation management centres to address problems that new mothers face in breastfeeding their infants.

After months of work, two lactation management centers were inaugurated in Homagama and Karawanella in early 2013. These centers are a part of the mother-baby unit at the Homagama and Karawanella hospitals. They help identify and treat feeding problems while providing information to mothers on feeding techniques and positions. They also monitor the growth of infants to ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition and are developing appropriately.

Through the support of these centres, the mothers are able to feed their infants properly, thus reducing the need for baby formula. This initiative brings about an annual saving of approximately Rs. 5 million to 50 families, and most importantly strengthens the bond between mother and baby.

Since its inception in 2002, starting with the renovation and refurbishment of the Emergency Treatment and Nebulisation unit of the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, Pears Safe Hands has completed 18 projects of this nature island wide. True to its vision of ensuring a safe world for Sri Lankan children, Pears has invested over Rs. 32 million over the last decade and touched over 2 million lives throughout the island.

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