Sunlight Saubhagya Scholarships

Illuminating the nation through "Sunlight Saubhagya" Scholarship Awards

Sunlight the leading brand of Unilever Sri Lanka is the market leader within the laundry soap category accounting for over 77% of market share. Sunlight has touched the hearts of many a Sri Lankan in numerous ways, adding vitality and a ray of sunshine to life. No doubt the trust and confidence of its consumers has played a key role in the success of the brand.

Sunlight has over the years gone beyond the functional space of giving homes and communities a clean fresh wash. The brand which has grown to come a household name and an icon so to speak has reached out and touched communities and people of diverse ages, races and cultures. Clean water and Sunlight have given many housewives a reason to smile and has given millions of Sri Lankans and spring in their step as they step out daily in pursuit of their jobs, careers and dreams.

Many wells have been constructed in remote villages, giving those communities and schools an opportunity to experience the freshness of clean water and sunlight in their lives. Not only have these projects helped to improve the overall standard of lives of people but is has also become a source of strength and encouragement.

Extending to the community

One such project undertaken by Unilever Sri Lanka in the recent past is “Sunlight Saubhagya” which focuses on harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit among rural women. This project empowers women by providing them an opportunity to generate a sustainable income and thereby enhance the quality of lives of their families. This project which commenced in January 2003 now has over 3500 participants and has become popular all across the country.

Whilst enhancing the lives of the participants and their families, this project also aims to extend the benefits to the community. As such, individuals living in the vicinity will also benefit from the community development activities that take place including building of community centres, wells, libraries etc. In recognition of these services to the community, this project is also supported at a national level by the Ministry of Samurdhi & Poverty Alleviation.

Scholarship scheme

Moreover, recognising that children are our future, Sunlight also launched “Sunlight Saubhagya Scholarship Awards” which focuses on highlighting and nurturing talents of children of the women entrepreneurs under the Saubhagya scheme, providing them with a helping hand to brighten their future. The first ever Sunlight Saubhagya Scholarship event was held last year where 45 children who excelled in academics, as well as arts, drama and sports at a district or regional level were selected and awarded scholarships.

The second “Sunlight Saubhagya Scholarship Awards” Ceremony was held on the 21st of September 2007, at the BMICH Committee Room B, where 35 school children were presented with scholarships. This social responsibility project was another step towards achieving Sunlight’s aspiration of illuminating the future of Sri Lankans and Sri Lanka.

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