Surf Excel Advertising

Rolling Wheels(Pvt)Ltd had signed an agreement with "Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd. recently with regard to the advertising of "Surf Excel"

Surf Excel advertising by "Rolling Wheels"

Rolling Weels(Pvt)Ltd. had signed an agreement with "Unilver Sri Lanka(Pvt)Ltd, recently with regard to the advertising of "Surf Excel".

According to the above agreement Rolling Wheels (Pvt) Ltd will advertise all the Surf Excel products of Unilever (Pvt)Ltd. using Three Wheelers. As a first step under this project, Rolling Wheels (Pvt) Ltd has commenced this advertising in Kurunagala and Puttlam Districts and Negombo Town. A survey was carried out in connection with out-come of this advertising project. It was found that good publicity was given for Surf Excel.

Rolling Wheels (Pvt) Ltd in conjunction with Unilever in conjunction with Unilever Sri Lanka has planned to extend this advertising programme throughtout the island. From the Marketing Survey carried out it was observed that within a week of the advertising programme more than 80% increase of sales could be obtained in the areas the advertising is carried out.

Unilever Sri Lanka Ltd.

258 M. Vincent Perera Mw

Colombo 14

Sri Lanka

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