Brooke Bond Ceylonta

Ceylonta is a leading brand in Sri Lanka’s tea industry. As of today, the brand is hugely popular and enjoys a loyal following among Sri Lankan tea lovers.

Ceylonta has always been an innovative brand that introduced its own, unique style of how to go about making a cup of tea. We took the inherent Sri Lankan love for drinking tea from a mere habitual exercise, to an experience that evolved into a moment of refreshment for the body, mind and senses.

The brand has clearly positioned itself as a symbol of ‘freshness’ – a brand philosophy that stays true to the product, which is made from the freshest tea leaves in Sri Lanka. We have successfully occupied this mind space in the Sri Lankan tea lover for a long time, differentiating Ceylonta from competitor brands.

The success behind the brand is the product’s consistent delivery of a fine blend of pure Ceylon tea, which gives the consumer an unparalleled taste experience with every sip.

But we have never been satisfied just being where we are. As a pioneering brand, we have continuously come up with bold innovations which have resulted growth for the entire category. Our thirst hasn’t been quenched. Hence this groundbreaking re-launch of Brooke Bond Ceylonta that will take the brand to newer heights and closer to people’s hearts. To further reiterate our commitment to deliver freshness, we have gone to the extent of actually inserting freshness in a tangible manner which you can touch and see.

Brooke Bond Ceylonta now comes with particles of REAL fresh green tea leaves mixed with the powder. And not stopping at that, we have revamped our packaging, inserting a special inner silver foil to preserve the freshness of the leaves. The packaging is yet another first in the category.

This new product is the result of many months of research and development and is finally ready to come into your home and delight your taste buds. This innovation comes from none other than the house of Brooke Bond, renowned globally as the maker of the world’s finest tea. Brooke Bond is loved the world over for premium, rich blends of tea determined through taste, colour, leaf size, changing conditions and seasons and always consistent, while promising a refreshing experience with every cup.

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