Sunlight lights up my nation

Unilever Sri Lanka’s flagship brand Sunlight has been a household name that has captured the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans throughout the nation, brightening people’s lives for over 125 years. It is a brand that understands Sri Lankan values and heritage for over a century, and remained the undisputed brand leader in laundry soap of Sri Lanka.

It is along this line of thought that the Sunlight brand rolled out its Vesak campaign “Sunlight Ratama Alokamath Karai” (Sunlight Lights Up My Nation). The Vesak is a religious and cultural annual festival which brings millions of devotees across the nation together. They join hands in celebrating the day by going to temple and taking part in religious activities, furthermore they also take part in lighting of lanterns and decorating their homes and the city. Vesak provided Sunlight a unique opportunity to spread the message of light throughout the nation.

Young and old alike gathered with the Unilever team in different parts of the island to spread the message of Vesak with Sunlight and participated in the lighting of thousands of oil lamps, taking part in Dansal and Aloka pooja. The roads were lit with canopies of lights and rows of Vesak lanterns which were decorated in Sunlight’s iconic shade of yellow.

The activities were focused at key places of worship such asthe Temple of Tooth relic in Kandy, Kelaniya temple, and Gangaramaya temple, with 47 Business Partners also partnering the Unilever team to light up 47 temples in their respective regions.

“We built this campaign around the symbol of an oil lamp” says Saumya Perera, Senior Brand Manager for Sunlight. “The lamp symbolizes the fact when I go to temple and pray, my mind is enlightened, through me my close relations and neighbors get enlightened and together we enlighten the entire nation. My Sunlight is a part of this ritual, spreading the good feeling across the nation.”

Through this campaign, Sunlight has succeeded in touching over 4 million (20% of the population) Sri Lankans directly, and spread the message of Sunlight to all corners of the island.

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