Signal commits to building a cavity-free Sri Lanka

As a pioneer brand in the oral health care industry with a heritage that is strongly ingrained in the nation’s dental health history, Signal celebrates 55 years of leading the fight against cavities in Sri Lanka, on the occasion of the World Oral Health Day. Having pioneered fluoride toothpaste in the country, Signal has over the years has led a strong mandate of delivering over-all dental care to Sri Lankans throughout generations.

A major milestone in Signal’s journey in oral health care has been its 36 years of partnering the Sri Lanka Dental Association in delivering the message of good oral hygiene to the nation. For three decades, together with the SLDA, Signal has been taking the message of ensuring proper dental care to all of Sri Lanka through many initiatives and activities.

“Based on our contribution to the nation’s dental health, Signal has a lot to celebrate”, says Mr Siddharth Banerjee, Marketing Director of Unilever Sri Lanka. “We can celebrate the milestones that Signal has achieved here in Sri Lanka. We can celebrate the fact that Signal introduced fluoridated toothpaste to Sri Lanka in 1984.

And we can celebrate the decline in cavities we have seen since then, as per the data from the Oral Health Surveys conducted by the Ministry of Health, which is indicative of the impact fluoridated toothpaste has had in the over-all improvement in oral health care in Sri Lanka.” “We are celebrating 55 years of Signal protecting the Sri Lankan smile by guarding against cavities.

On World Oral Health Day, which falls on the 20th of March, we at Signal are recommitting ourselves to the vision of a Cavity Free Sri Lanka. As the number 1 Fluoride Toothpaste recommended by dentists, Signal & SLDA have worked together for over 30 years, introducing Fluoride to consumers, which is recognized globally as the best way to fight cavities," he adds.

Long standing history in the nation

Signal introduced fluoridated toothpaste to Sri Lanka in 1984. According to Dr. J.M.W Jayasundara Bandara, Director General – Oral Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, as per data from the Oral Health Survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, the amount of cavities present among 06 year olds in 1984 was 80% while the figure for 12 year olds was 67%. In the study done in 2003, the amount of cavities among 05 year olds was down to 65.5% , registering a drop of over 20%. Among 12 year olds, it had come down to 40%, confirms Dr. Bandara.

“The SLDA is pleased to be associated with Signal for a period of 36 years” says Dr Asoka Amunugama, President of the SLDA, “ During this time, we have been able to take the concept of good oral care to the country. We have also been able to create awareness of the need for fluoridated toothpaste which ensures cavity free teeth.”

A flagship brand under the 75 year old Unilever umbrella, Signal pioneered toothpaste in Sri Lanka and has been closely associated with almost every milestone recorded in the history of dental care and oral hygiene in the country.

Spreading the Signal smile

Through its extensively held “Sina Bo Wewa” (May Smiles Multiply) campaign, the message of sound oral health care has been delivered to the localities of over hundreds of thousands of people throughout Sri Lanka. “ Sina Bo Weva” has been a journey of incredible opportunities, to celebrate the warmth of the Sri Lankan smile, adds Mr Banerjee.

Eating habits have changed and children today are engaged in different eating patterns and activities that calls for a better, more proactive approach towards the challenging task of reducing cavities and managing good oral health. “Signal seeks to ensure a cavity free Sri Lanka , as our vision for the future” says Mr Banerjee in conclusion.

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