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Nilushi Jayatileke on ‘Responsible Marketing in Today’s Social Media Landscape


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Unilever Sri Lanka’s Nilushi Jayatileke delivers address on ‘Responsible Marketing in Today’s Social Media Landscape’ at the Breakfast Seminar organized by the Council for Business with Britain

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5th July 2019, Colombo: Unilever Sri Lanka’s Marketing Director of Beauty and Personal Care, NIlushi Jayatileke recently delivered an address at a breakfast seminar organized by the Council for Business with Britain of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. This informative session was moderated by Roshanie Jayasundara, Vice President of CBB and was held at the Hilton Colombo Residencies.

During her presentation titled “Responsible Marketing in Today’s Social Media Landscape” – Nilushi was able to provide an overview of how responsible marketing should be carried out in consideration of the dynamic social media landscape of contemporary society today. She also used examples from the marketing operations of Unilever Sri Lanka and other noteworthy organisations to showcase how responsible marketing applications can be put in place in the corporate sector.

In relation to Unilever Sri Lanka’s much-loved brands, Nilushi highlighted the importance of bringing authenticity and honesty to the core of marketing conversations with consumers and stakeholders. In summation, she stressed that brands that champion social causes are increasingly being supported by consumers & communities Vs brands that do not address a social cause. To quote from her address, “Consumers want organizations to have a point of view. They want you to take a stand.”

Her address further went on to indicate that a presence of purposeful brands is a critical factor in relation to creating a responsible business, which in turn creates transparency and trust leading to consumer intimacy. Additionally, Nilushi highlighted that the purpose of a brand should reflect on its true core values Vs a short-term vogue that generates consumer interest. She further stressed that measurable results should be brought out in order to defend the purpose of a brand which results in respect and trust amongst end users.

The session concluded with a Q&A with key takeaways for the audience including the business case for sustainability, regulating social media in times of civic unrest, purpose driven organizations, diversity and inclusion.

The Council also promotes the exchange of information on trade and investment, and by supporting the business community, which the organization represents, by serving as the recognized representative of the members in matters concerning business relations with Sri Lanka or the United Kingdom.

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