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USL introduces Plastic Free Packaging for Pears Baby Soap Cartons


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Unilever Sri Lanka has developed a plastic free, environment friendly packaging for its trusted baby care soap brand - Pears Baby. Taking an important step forward to help curb the amount of plastic that enters the environment. The eco-friendly packaging for Pears Baby Soap cartons developed and introduced to the local market is in line with the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) that looks to decouple the company’s growth from its environmental impact.

This material change sees the removal of existing plastic being used and also considerably reduces the requirement for paper. Making the packaging fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. This initiative by Unilever Sri Lanka will result in the reduction of 48 tonnes of paper and 22 tonnes of plastic (PE) annually.

Commenting on the occasion Marketing Director Beauty & Personal Care at Unilever Sri Lanka, Nilushi Jayatileke noted, “We have taken an important step forward for environmental sustainability by driving our manufacturing operations in line with Unilever’s Global agenda on plastic. By 2025, we aim to convert all our packaging into reusable, recyclable or compostable materials, minimise the usage of plastic and expedite the process of recycling and reusing. The new plastic free packaging for Pears Baby Soap is one such endeavour that represents our efforts of minimising Unilever’s environmental footprint in the country”

Unilever Sri Lanka aims to strategically drive its Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to accomplish these milestones on sustainable packaging and has made strategic and innovative changes to the phases of their manufacturing process – from design to recycling.

Commenting further, Supply Chain Director at Unilever Sri Lanka, Gerard Irudayaraj noted “Unilever recently announced 2 bold commitments to ensure a waste free world, whereby we will; halve the use of virgin plastic in our packaging and collect and process more plastic packaging than we sell by 2025. The eco-friendly Pears Baby soap carton is one of many initiatives deployed in line with this commitment with more initiatives pipelined to take off across our portfolio”

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