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Unilever Sri Lanka’s ‘UStore’ facilitates direct access to essential goods


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A consumer receiving a delivery of Unilever Sri Lanka products ordered via the website

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA: Unilever Sri Lanka’s e-commerce platform, ‘UStore,’ has been instrumental in providing consumers with access to much needed hygiene products and other essential items, enabling direct sales of its entire portfolio.

Accessible at, the platform features Unilever products across all its categories, which will be delivered safely and efficiently through its logistics partner. UStore is virtually connected to ensure that the availability of products displayed on the website are updated real-time, for the convenience of its customers. A wide range of discounted products and bundle offers are also available to consumers, easing the financial burden inherent to present times.

Given the importance of having access to vital hygiene and sanitization products and with online ordering being preferred under the current circumstances, the portal has been optimized to handle over 100,000 visitors at once, to ensure a seamless purchase experience.

Products can be purchased via credit card, debit card or cash on delivery and will be delivered within 24 - 48 hours.

Aruna Mawilmada – Customer Development Director, Unilever Sri Lanka said, “This is yet another initiative from us to support the country in its time of need, by allowing people to purchase essential items online and have it delivered to their homes. All products are packaged under strict hygienic conditions and will be delivered safely and responsibly. While our products continue to be available at all our other merchant and partner outlets, UStore will facilitate consumers who prefer to buy their household needs online”.

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