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Every U helps empower women and girls

From head to toe across our business, we’re striving to smash negative gender stereotypes, promote self-esteem, and make a world in which every woman and girl can create the kind of life she wishes to lead.

Working hard to “fempower” our business

If half the population are being held back, how are we all going to be able to move forward? A thriving society is one where women have equal access to rights, skills and opportunities. Women are our main consumers and we owe a lot of our success to them. So we’ve been working hard to help women across our business fully unleash their potential. As of 2017, nearly 50% of our management, 45% of our non-executive board and almost a third of our executive team, are women.

Project Saubhagya

In Sri Lanka enterprising females are invited to contribute to the economy through project Saubhagya. It is built on the platform of enabling the economic inclusion of women from low income households. The journey that started with 5 brave women, has now grown to create over 10,000 strong entrepreneurs since 2003. The channel is an example for Sustainable Business; testimony to the fact that sustainability and growth does not necessarily come with a tradeoff. Here entrepreneurs win as they get to earn a much-needed additional income for their family. These entrepreneurs have their skills developed in facets such as communication and selling. Their children benefit from special scholarship program that supports education.

Together, we can drive female empowerment and equal rights

We’re fully aware that the road to true equality is a long one that’s never going to run in a straight direction. But it’s a road we’re on together, and by continuing to scrub, sip, rinse and clean with our brands, you’re helping us get closer to a truly gender equal world.

Every U Does Good. Unilever