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Every Knorr inspires parents to cook tastier meals

Every time you use Knorr products to stir, simmer and sauté your way to a delicious kitchen creation, you’re helping us make the world a tastier place, by inspiring parents to give a tasty twist to nutritious food for the family.

Knorr making food tastier for over 25 years!

Knorr has been adding flavour to Sri Lankan households for the past 25 years. What started as a small cube range has now extended to an exciting variety of seasonings to enhance local meals with authentic flavours of real herbs and spices devoured by the Sri Lankan palette!

Knorr helps 2.6 Million Sri Lankan households make tastier meals

Purposed to reinvent food for humanity, Knorr is promoting better eating and cooking practices by encouraging parents to include more vegetables in their meals by inspiring yummy and delicious ways to cook them. Each of the flavourful recipes that are created at our Knorr Kitchen, not only inspire our consumers with mouth-watering delicious meals but are also filled with a range of vegetables, greens and pulses. 

Supporting over 2.6 million Sri Lankan households to make nutritious meals

Knorr kitchen, all for the love of food and flavour

So, go ahead and get cooking! Knorr with its world-class chefs helps you whip together, oh so delicious elaborate feasts to giving a simple twist on your everyday dhal curry, to a special occasion biriyani! Together, we can discover delicious new recipes from across the world and change the world one plate at a time!

Illustration of a Chef frying vegetables

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