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Every Lifebuoy teaches hand washing in schools

The humble bar of soap, an unsung handwashing hero, can help limit the spread of deadly diseases. By scrubbing clean with Lifebuoy, you’re helping the Lifebuoy programme teach the importance of good hygiene habits to millions of young lives locally and globally.

Helping kids scrub up on good hygiene habits

Good hygiene habits are all about education, education, education! The Lifebuoy programmes focus on creating long-lasting hygiene behaviour changes by teaching the importance of handwashing with soap at the right moments. Through this, kids learn good hand hygiene habits that will help them stay protected from infection-causing germs. In Sri Lanka, Lifebuoy is teaching young children across the island to wash, scrub and to stay safe!

So now it’s A for apple and…H FOR HANDWASHING!

Taught 2.5 million school children good handwashing habits in Sri Lanka

Since 2007, the programme has reached millions of people locally

Through the years, Lifebuoy has found fun and creative ways to share the important message on handwashing to all Sri Lankans, big and small.

Together with different Government stakeholders, we have driven our germ fighting mission across the island for generations.  In 2020, we took on the challenge of creating awareness to prevent the spread of COVID 19 to help keep Sri Lankans are protected from the virus. Lifebuoy set up handwashing stations across the island and conducted educational programmes on good hand hygiene habits for various segments in society with school kids being our primary focus. 

What’s more, on the Global Handwashing Day 2020, Lifebuoy launched its “H for Handwashing” programme. We have also joined hands with educators on this, to ensure that fundamental habit changes are taught to children in the very early stages of education.  

By scrubbing with Lifebuoy, you’re helping to spread good hygiene habits to millions more

The importance of good hygiene habits can’t be overstated—that little bar of soap, used at the right time, is all it takes to save millions of young lives. We’ve already brought that vital hygiene message to millions of Sri Lankans and, with your help, we plan to reach millions more. We’ve still got more work to do, but we’re not stopping any time soon. So, let’s work together to keep our little island healthy and safe!

washing hands with lifebuoy

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