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Every U does more than just taste good

Here’s some food for thought—the things we eat shouldn’t just be about tasting good, they should also be about doing good. So we’re always working to ensure every one of our food brands tastes good, feels good and is a force for good.

Working hard to keep all 7.6 billion of us nutritiously fed

An increasing global population means there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. And with obesity becoming an expanding problem globally, it’s not enough to simply provide people with enough to eat, we also have to ensure we’re providing the right kind of nutritious food.

Keeping up with health trends, 500 of our products are veggie and vegan friendly

With a growing population comes growing health trends, and that’s reflected in our brands. For more than a decade, we’ve been working to improve the nutritional quality of our products as part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. From Marmite that is fortified with B vitamins, to Viva & Horlicks that is augmented with micro and macro nutrition consisting of vital minerals and vitamins along with the goodness of malt, we’ve kept pace with people’s taste and nutritional needs. We also take humble pride in having Horlicks and Viva, being packed in all sizes in our own factories here in Sri Lanka.

Brewing up a sustainably sourced future for our tea

Sustainably sourcing for as many of our ingredients as possible is also key in ensuring you get the products you can’t do without (like that morning cup of tea) whilst also looking after the planet. Did you know that, since 2015, all the tea for our Lipton tea bags is made from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ sources? And we’re working hard to make all our tea sustainably sourced by 2020.

So whichever of our tasty products you’re tucking into, rest assured that every bite, lick and sip doesn’t just taste good and feel good, it’s also a force for good.

Every U Does Good. Unilever