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Every Sunlight strengthens community bonds

Fact: it’s not just clothes that need care. Sunlight also believes in caring to help strengthen the fabric of the society – because when our bonds are strong, our country will be stronger. Find out how we’re making a positive impact!

135 years as a national household icon that cares

For 135 years, Sunlight has been a national household icon, known for caring- that goes beyond clothes. That’s because strengthening the bonds between our vibrant and multi-ethnic society is at the heart of everything we do. Irrespective of race or religion, our mission is simple: to celebrate the diversity of our communities, to help unite all Sri Lankans as one. 

Sunlight “Manudam Viyamana”

Following the devastating Easter attacks of 2019, our goal to strengthen the fabric of our diverse community became more important than ever. As well as donating to medical facilities and livelihood development programmes, we worked with religious organisations and families of victims to spread a symbolic message of hope “open hearts – open homes” across the nation. This powerful pledge – which encourages trust, compassion and care for one another – was amplified by influencers, celebrities and our Manudam Viyamana ‘care anthem’. The result? Over 1.2 million Sri Lankans have pledged to open their hearts and homes, strengthening our bonds as a country.

Over 1 million Sri Lankans have pledged to strengthen bonds with care

Committed to strengthening the fabric of our society

Our country’s strength relies on the unity of all our people. Sunlight, together with the support of all Sri Lankans, commits to strengthening the bonds of our community through ongoing, everyday actions, leading to a brighter future for all.

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