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Every U helps limit water waste

Water, it’s the wet and wonderful stuff that feeds our planet, nourishes our forests, and keeps us alive and kicking. It’s our most precious resource, so we need to use it responsibly. Every time you choose your favourite Unilever product, you’re supporting us in doing more with less water, across our entire manufacturing network.

Saving 22 billion litres of water, by minimising our ‘water footprint’

Water is a huge part of our manufacturing process, so we have to do everything in our power to create efficiencies and innovations that reduce our ‘water footprint’. We’ve already reduced the amount of water we use across our factory network by 44% for each tonne of production. In 2018, this helped us save approximately 22 billion litres of water compared to 2008 – equivalent to 2.9 litres for every person on the entire planet!

In Sri Lanka, we too strive to be conscious about water conservation

One example of the water conservation work can be seen at Ceytea Agarapathana, Unilever’s instant tea factory in Sri Lanka. The factory uses a deep groundwater well which is shared by the neighboring community. To preserve this resource, the factory team developed “100% Re-Aqua”, a project that creates a step change in the factory’s dependence on fresh water from the shared groundwater well. This innovative water reuse project includes rainwater harvesting, condensate recovery and utility water reuse. This has resulted in 93.4% of Ceytea’s total water requirement being met by re-used water, bringing absolute water savings at the site since the start of the USLP to over 60%, 80,500m3 less than in 2010.

The Horana Manufacturing facility is tackling climate change by reducing the depletion of natural resources through rainwater harvesting by utilizing the factory roof space for harvesting 20,000 tons of rainwater per annum which contribute to 20% reduction in water sourcing from natural water ways.

Together, we can save every precious drop

Water is essential to life, so we’ve got a responsibility to do everything in our power to limit our ‘water footprint’ and make sure we’re always using this precious resource in the most sensible and efficient way. And by continuing to spray, squeeze and splash about with your favourite Unilever brands, you’re helping support our efforts to hang onto every valuable droplet.

Every U Does Good. Unilever