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Project Saubhagya

Our women’s empowerment programme focused on the economic inclusion of adult females.

Photograph of a smiling woman

Project Saubhagya stems from a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by women in developing markets and the integral part they play within our own distribution network. It provides rural Sri Lankan women the opportunity of earning a sustainable livelihood through the sale of Unilever products in their community. Implemented in 2003, Project Saubhagya began with 5 brave women entrepreneurs who took the first step towards economic inclusion. The programme has progressed from there to more than 5,000 Saubhagya entrepreneurs today.

On their journey towards economic inclusion, they are equipped with basic knowledge in sales, financial management, inventory management and micro infrastructure amongst other competencies. We have also supported the education of their children, awarding scholarships to top performers at the year 5 scholarship and G.C.E O/Level examinations and to students qualifying for university entry. We also finance community development projects in their villages.

As a result of our efforts, these women have a guaranteed regular and sustainable income that has not only increased their standard of living but also the prosperity of their villages. Our goal is to one day grow our network of women entrepreneurs to 14,000 to represent the 14,000 Grama Niladari divisions of Sri Lanka.

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