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Signal Sina Bo Wewa Programme

Signal teaches children oral hygiene habits

Here’s something to put a smile on your face. Every time you brush your teeth with Signal, you’re helping teach good brushing habits to millions of Sri Lankans. That’s because Signal together with the Sri Lanka Dental Association, creates awareness and educates Sri Lankans on good oral habits. Signal teaches the importance of good oral health, so that everyone can unlock the power of their smile!

Educating millions of Sri Lankans on good oral hygiene habits through Signal’s “Sina Bo Wewa” campaign since 2004

30% of children under the age of 12 years in Sri Lanka have dental cavities (National Oral Health Survey, Sri Lanka). It is our responsibility as the Number 1 selling oral care brand in Sri Lanka to provide a solution. By brushing twice daily with toothpaste enriched with fluoride, kids can reduce the risk of tooth decay, and champion the message of good dental hygiene.

From 2004, for over 15 years, the Signal “Sina Bo Wewa” programme has been on a mission to improve oral health standards of all Sri Lankans through school programmes and mass-scale dental clinics across the island. This has helped Signal touch the smiles of over 2 million Sri Lankans.

Signal Dental Health Check Up
Signal Dental Health Check Up

Signal’s journey of working together with the Sri Lanka Dental Association for over 30 years

Signal has been working for over 60 years to build a cavity-free Sri Lanka and in 1983 pioneered the introduction of fluoride toothpaste to the country.

For over 30 years, Signal together with the Sri Lankan Dental Association, has explored fun and innovative ways of sharing expert oral health advice by organising health camps, dental screenings, and oral check-ups completely free, for millions of Sri Lankans island-wide. We have also found new and exciting ways to spread awareness and encourage twice-a-day brushing among all Sri Lankans.

We believe that together, we can unlock the power of our very own Sri Lankan smile.

Though we’ve done a lot of good work together so far to fight tooth decay and bad oral hygiene habits across Sri Lanka, there’s still a lot to do! By working together, we will help strengthen the Sri Lankan smile known for its warmth and hospitality, around the world!

Now that’s something worth smiling about. Join us in our mission to build a cavity-free Sri Lanka!

Signal Commits to Building a Cavity Free Sri Lanka

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