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Unilever Partners with Dietitians’ Association of Sri Lanka

Demonstrates “Seductive Nutrition” to Make Healthy Meals Taste Better

Seductive nutrition info

Unilever Sri Lanka partnered with the Dietitians’ Association of Sri Lanka (DiASL), a professional body for practicing dietetic health professionals in the country, on the Association’s 3rd Annual Sessions.

Over 120 leading healthcare and dietetic health professionals from both the public and private sector as well as policy makers took part in the two-day scientific sessions. Unilever Foods showcased a wide range of healthy, nutritious products from its array of trusted food brands including Flora, Marmite, Knorr and Lipton as well as the Pureit in-home water purifier range, along with Unilever Food Solutions.

“Under the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, we are working towards helping over a billion people take action to improve their health and well-being by 2020. In line with this, we are delighted to partner with the 3rd annual session of the Dietitians’ Association of Sri Lanka (DiASL),” said Makshoodh Meerasaibu, Marketing Director for Home Care, Foods & Refreshments and Pureit at Unilever Sri Lanka.

Drawing on their innate understating of consumer behavior patterns, the Food Solutions team noted that ever more Sri Lankan’s were growing conscious about making healthier dietary choices. Yet, they do not want to completely give up on their cherished, flavorsome meals. They seek a middle ground – tad bit healthier versions of their preferred dishes that are nutritious without compromising on taste. In a bid to help them in this regard, Unilever showcased its concept of “Seductive Nutrition” at the event.

“At Unilever Food Solutions, we are committed to making consumers love their healthy eating lifestyle by making nutritious food tastier. As part of this endeavor, we developed the concept of “Seductive Nutrition”. Combining healthier cooking methods and ingredients with great presentation, it shows how simple changes could make every day dishes significantly healthier,” said Chef Saman Wijeratne, Country Lead Chef, Unilever Food Solutions Sri Lanka.

“We are excited to have showcased this concept to dietetic professionals at this forum. Working together with the Dietitians’ Association of Sri Lanka, we look forward to taking this message to people across the island, helping them stay committed to their health and nutrition goals.”

Chefs from Unilever Foods demonstrated how consumers could adopt Seductive Nutrition into their daily lives. They stressed on the need to focus on 6 key attributes – adding plenty of vegetables, lowering fat content, reducing portion sizes, healthier cooking methods like grilling or baking, using fresh ingredients and lowering the calorie content – when doing so. The Unilever Foods team went on to showcase a range of healthy recipes that were delicious and desirable. Information booklets elaborating on various aspects of Seductive Nutrition were shared with all participants.

Working towards taking this message to consumers around the island, Unilever invites all Sri Lankans to join in on this endeavour to create to a healthier nation.

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