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Unilever Sri Lanka

'Welcome to Unilever Sri Lanka' text, the Unilever logo, and illustrations of two people high-fiving and a bar of Lifebuoy soap in water

We are Unilever Sri Lanka

  • 85yearsof sustainable business
  • 96%of productsmanufactured locally
  • 1stchoiceemployer for graduates
  • 100,000retailer reachisland wide
A bright and colourful Unilever illustration featuring four different people going about their daily activities

Planet & Society

The world has never had a clearer view of the social and environmental challenges that face us all. The need for action has never been greater.

A photograph of a group of Unilever employees laughing together in a conference room

Careers at Unilever

Visit our dedicated careers site to browse vacancies and find information about what it’s like working for us.

A Unilever Brand illustration of a man writing in a notebook

Press & media

Press releases and media contact information for journalists and commentators.

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